Beyond ubiquitous; what’s happening in our plastic world?


I have been spending time learning about what has been happening in the world of plastic. I now understand that this is a global crisis. Plastic is a versatile and strong and cheap material with many incredible uses but plastic is not disposable. It lasts a very long time. It is not okay to use for single use. Recycling is not the answer because there is simply too much single use plastic being produced too fast. For example, there are 1 million disposable water bottles produced globally every minute!!! In order to deal with this crisis work must include addressing the source, the producers. I want plastic free choices!

My learning time has involved some really incredible videos that have increased the depth of my perception. I want to share all of them with you! They are a little depressing but they are mostly hopeful and wonderful. They help make me feel a part of something greater, because otherwise I feel too small to make a difference. I know, I know, my favorite quote is, “If you think you are too small to make a difference you have never shared a sleeping bag with a mosquito” but wow, this plastic is beyond ubiquitous.

Here are the links to the videos. You could follow my journey if you like. I began with: Plastics 101 National Geographic

Then I watched this animated 9 minute thriller: Plastic Pollution: how humans are turning the world into plastic

Moved on to what I thought would break my heart in 4 minutes but it did not; POWERFUL VIDEO: Why We Need to Stop Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans FOR GOOD | Oceana

And then a longer, 24 minute, really well done global perspective; A Plastic Wave: a documentary film on plastic pollution

And then to end your journey for now, a smile, a song, to remind you that if you use plastic, you are partly responsible for the harm, and we are all responsible for giving the next generation a better world: Plastic Ocean

Part of all this watching is because I am preparing a short presentation, facilitating a discussion and demonstrating ways to reduce our plastic footprint, one step at a time on Saturday, February 29th at the Sustainable Living Fair here in Columbia, Mo. Hope to meet you there!

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