Tire Trash Treasure Phenomenon

I have made a discovery. One of universal joy for an unusual subset of people. It rolls like this: find tire, extract tire, smile with tire, celebrate, go find another tire. I have a complicated relationship with tires. Apparently, I am not the only one. Welcome to Iowa Project AWARE: A Watershed Awareness River Expedition.Continue reading “Tire Trash Treasure Phenomenon”

Ma’am, step away from the tire.

Let me take you for a ride. It might be a little wet and muddy and not quite what you expect. I have a complicated relationship with tires. As an artist I admire tires as plump, round, textured and dark. They conjure visions of adventure, dirt roads, and new beginnings. But they also leave behindContinue reading “Ma’am, step away from the tire.”

Waste Reduction Recipes for the Happy Healthy Home

New place, same passion! Hello friends, I am now working in Iowa for Louisa County Conservation as a naturalist and I just hosted a waste reduction workshop for the public. I put together some waste reduction recipes that I wanted to share plus some not so fun facts about why we are even alarmed byContinue reading “Waste Reduction Recipes for the Happy Healthy Home”

My VISTA Transition Letter

To the next AmeriCorps VISTA serving Missouri River Relief From Laura Waldo-Semken, the outgoing AmeriCorps VISTA 8/3/2020 Dear next AmeriCorps VISTA, Your task is to work to eliminate poverty. Or work to ensure environmental sustainability, one of the 8 United Nations Millennium Goals to end poverty. Your mission is to strengthen organizations that eliminate orContinue reading “My VISTA Transition Letter”

From the Cradle to the Grave: Plastic Harms Life

by Laura Waldo-Semken 5/8/2020 Litterbugs are a nuisance but T-Rex Trashers are downright ominous. Let me tell you a story. I was riding my bike this morning on my daily creek stompin’ litter pickin’ foray when I looked over and saw a beautiful buck with fuzzy antlers, a symbol of manifest virility. Soon those emergingContinue reading “From the Cradle to the Grave: Plastic Harms Life”

Beyond ubiquitous; what’s happening in our plastic world?

Hello, I have been spending time learning about what has been happening in the world of plastic. I now understand that this is a global crisis. Plastic is a versatile and strong and cheap material with many incredible uses but plastic is not disposable. It lasts a very long time. It is not okay toContinue reading “Beyond ubiquitous; what’s happening in our plastic world?”

The final frontier: no more excuses! by Laura Waldo-Semken 1/16/2020

Are you a cat owner wishing you could let go of your addiction to free plastic shopping bags? Composting kitty litter allows a cat owner to break free. Here’s how. It’s kind of a long story since free plastic shopping bags are so much a part of our practical lifestyle. Where to begin?!? First, singleContinue reading “The final frontier: no more excuses! by Laura Waldo-Semken 1/16/2020”

Reducing our plastic footprint by Laura Waldo-Semken 1/10/2020

Laura is serving Missouri River Relief as an AmeriCorps VISTA member with the goal of expanding water education programs for low-income youth. At Missouri River Relief we believe that a measurement of wealth includes our connection with nature so we strive to connect our community with our cultural and natural treasure, the Missouri River. MissouriContinue reading “Reducing our plastic footprint by Laura Waldo-Semken 1/10/2020”

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